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Help make strides in NF RESEARCH

We're racing towards a better future for everyone impacted by neurofibromatosis (NF), a rare and complex genetic condition that causes tumours to form in the body.  NF impacts 13,000 people across Australia. There is no cure and treatment options are limited.

Make a move this May and step up for NF. It’s FREE to register and you can participate from anywhere in Australia. All it takes is what you've got - step, stride or ride a distance of your choice and collect donations and rewards along the way.

Proceeds from funds raised through Steps Towards a Cure will be invested into life-changing NF research.

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Take on the challenge solo or start a team with your mates, school or workplace. It’s FREE to register and you choose the distance and mode of transport.

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Fundraise $250 or more to help us fund NF Research and we’ll reward you with cool gear and a range of great prizes, including smart watches, stand up paddle boards and more!

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Step, stride, ride or roll anywhere, anytime and in anyway you choose between 1st and 31st May. Connect to STRAVA to track your kms.


Stepping up for the Children’s Tumour Foundation

The Children’s Tumour Foundation is the only dedicated support service for those impacted by neurofibromatosis (NF), a rare and complex genetic condition that causes tumours to form on nerves in the body, including the brain and spine.

Our vision is a life without limitations for everyone impacted by NF in Australia.


a child is born with NF in Australia

have no family history of the condition

people are living with NF in Australia

choose your challenge

Every step counts!  Choose how you'd like to step up in May to help fund new research into more effective treatments – and eventually, a cure.

cool and casual

Do 31km in May. That's just 1km a day.

committed to the km's

Step it up a notch. Go 75km in May.

serious about stepping

Take on a challenge. Go 150km in May.

go your own way

Set your own goal to step up for NF.


connect with us #stepstowardsacure